How do I access the webinar sessions?
On the event day, go to hrtechfestconnect.com/live to access the webinar sessions. Half an hour before the session starts, click ‘Enter Session’ button and you will be redirected to the Waiting Room. Wait for the webinar start time and you will be redirected into the session.

Can I use my iphone/android/tablet to access the webinar?
Yes, you can use mobile devices to access and participate in the session. To make sure that your device is capable of supporting the webinar requirements, please go to https://www.bigmarker.com/system_check to check your device suitability before the 12th of May.

Do I need to download any software for the webinar?
No, you do not need to download any software. Simply go to hrtechfestconnect.com/live on your browser (Chrome or Firefox preferred for optimal experience) and access the link of the session you would like to attend

Do I need any username or password to access the sessionr?
No, there is no username or password to enter the session. It is open to all and you may be prompted to enter your details before being allowed with registration online.


I am having audio problems on my computer and cannot hear the speakers talking, what can I do?
You can try to leave the session and re-enter. Alternatively, you can watch the session your computer and dial in to listen to the audio.

At the session landing page before entering the webinar, the dial in details are stated. Note that you will have to dial in to an international number for the call. You can use your company’s VoIP phone system to dial in if you have one. We do not have a local number for other countries.

Halfway through the webinar, I cannot hear the audio or see the webinar. What should I do?
Refresh the page to reload the session. If the issue still persists, please try with another laptop or smartphone.

I have posed a question to the speaker. How come my question has not appeared?
It may take a few minutes for the host to publish your question before it appears to attendees.

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