Intelligent tools (AI and data): Where we are right now

Intelligent tools (AI and data): where we are right now

John Sumser,
US-based Futurist & Technology, Commentator

John Sumser
US-based Futurist & Technology, Commentator

John Sumser prefers to call the bundle of math related HR Technology (AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, People Analytics, Data Lakes, and other forms of automation and analysis) Intelligent Tools. In this session, John will discuss the ways in which HR Departments have embraced and repurposed their intelligent technologies to keep pace with very rapid change. The session begins with a quick review of the fundamentals and moves on to cover the things that are really working right now. The talk concludes with a new view of ethics designed to help HR Departments make sense of the choices they are facing.

Attendees will leave with:
• An enhanced understanding of Intelligent Tools basics
• A grasp of the ways that HR Departments are using Intellignet tools o solve immediate problems
• A notion of how to make decisions based on where they hope to go once things have settled down
• A new view of ethics as a way of thinking about problem solving

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