Learning: the new leadership imperative

A new blueprint for HR: looking into the next wave of HR transformation

Learning: the new leadership imperative image
Mark O’Donnell
Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence, Rizing
Learning: the new leadership imperative image
Rosie Cairnes
Vice President, Skillsoft Asia Pacific

In the current environment, workforce priorities are shifting. Companies are operating in uncertain circumstances. Business models and roles are also evolving rapidly, creating volatility for leaders and employees alike.

As a leader, now potentially more than ever, it has become critical for us to create a climate in which people feel comfortable and supported in their efforts to learn and change, and are enthused to develop knowledge that will be useful both to the organisation and themselves.

Discover how Rizing is embracing Learning partnerships and tools to navigate perpetual change, strengthen learning culture, and build a strong pipeline of leaders.

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